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Messiah ‎– Extreme Cold Weather

Messiah ‎– Extreme Cold Weather (LP)

Messiah ‎– Extreme Cold Weather

55 лв
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код: HRR 430 / Формат: LP / Лейбъл: High Roller Records
Ice White-Blue Vimyl/Ледено Бяла-Синя Плоча

Capitle Three / Studio Side
A1Extreme Cold Weather4:21
A2Enjoy Yourself2:25
A3Johannes Paul Der Letzte (Dedicated In Hate To Pope John Paul II)4:14
A4Mother Theresa (Dedicated In Love To Mother Theresa)1:27
A5Hyper Borea5:41
A6Radezky March: We Hate To Be In The Army Now2:28
A7Nero5:52 Capitle Four (The Extreme Cold Weather Live On European Stage '87)
B1Hymn To Abramelin / Messiah (Extra Version) / Space Invaders6:41
B2Thrashing Madness2:10
B3Golden Dawn5:46
B4The Last Inferno2:56
B6Olé Perversus2:30
Състояние на плочата: Mint (M)

Състояние на обложката:  Mint (M)